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Show different content in the address box of the confirmation page after export
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Acceptance Criteria

  • If address data of a data set has already been purged, the address box displays different content depending on the address type.
  • The content repository defines additional language items for the headline and a paragraph of text
    • for donations that were made as a private person or company
    • for donations that were made with just an email address or without address data.
  • Features to add an address or change the address are not available.

Implementation Notes

  • The address type is already available in the store.

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some frontend branches got merged into each other now, did another deployment of (update-address / update-donor-api) to

@CorinnaHillebrand_WMDE The application distinguishes between private person and company. It was supposed to distinguish between donations with a postal address (private person or company) and without postal address data (no address data or only an email address). In hindsight I think, we can also keep it simpler by unifying the messages and getting rid of the address type condition.

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