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AddMe deployment checklist
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AddMe has been thoroughly tested and has passed QA! Now it is time to deploy it.


  • Deploy gadget to Meta (to be used for CWS, then disabled until approved)
  • Add configuration and messages for the CWS, then mark for translation
  • Ensure parity with old AddMe, with customizable options such as voting-style templates like "support", "neutral" and "oppose" (T332263)
  • Propose replacement of original AddMe with the Meta community - Done at Meta:Babel#Migrating to the new version of AddMe (permalink). This garnered no attention so I'm working under the assumption there's no opposition, provided there's no change in functionality.
  • Move docs to original location and setup for translation
  • Find installations on other wikis and encourage them to use the new gadget

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Going to stash this in "Needs Attention". Only the first two bullet points are relevant for the CWS and I will take care of them soon. The others can wait.

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