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Summarize the results of the WLM 2022 participants survey
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Hi Lodewijk,
Can I set the deadline for this on May 31st?

Do I have access to the data?

Regardless, I won't have time for this until early July.

Manfred has shared the initial results in pdf form with the team earlier, the email is called "Surveys 2022" from Feb 17th.
I can also ask if Annemarie has time to summarize them....

If I should do a more in depth analysis, I need the raw responses. But given that Manfred already shared a summary, what exactly is the deliverable here?

Annemarie has access to the raw responses now.
I have never done such an analyses: I image the outcome is mainly for the benefit of our campaign design, and for the engagement (online and offline) of the national teams.
I am unsure how much information is available from the survey - I was not involved in the survey design.

OK let me rephrase this: What do you want to do with the summary and what do we want to learn? You can spend a lot of time digging out details from it (and I would appreciate access to the raw data regardless for some evaluation attempts myself) but that may be beyond the scope of what you're looking for.