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Make UploadWizard form validation more intuitive
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User testing shows that users get stumped by the form validation in UW, and have to do a fair amount of tracking to debug the form, especially when dealing with multiple files.

A couple of ideas to consider:

  1. Trevor's suggestion: Having a consistently aligned marker (arrow, icon, or otherwise) which can be used to more quickly vertically scan for issues in the form.
  1. Perhaps focus the first field that has validation issues. The jump inside the form might cause its own problems, but given that an error could be anywhere in a very long form, combined with markers, this might make it more straightforward to start scanning from the place where the first issue occurs.

And, not sure the (*) markers are actually helpful, given that at this point, all but the "more options" fields are required. They may add to the clutter in the form with no material benefit in terms of user interaction. I've certainly never seen a user tester take them into account.

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What difference will markers make, can the users not find all issues by seeing the red warnings and * markers?

I made a change for automatic scroll/focus to the first invalid issue in the form.

Change merged, closing!
I don't think currently we can do any better than this.

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