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Gather information and propose the best options to start a WM LGBT+ User Group podcast
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One of the activities we have discussed embarking on towards Queering Wikipedia 2023 is starting a UG podcast to engage in conversations with LGBT+ Wikimedians or activists from the Global South. As a part of that, we need to gather information on which platforms would be good to achieve it, with a focus on open source options. From the application to record the conversation (we have UG Zoom subscription but all options are considered), to the audio editing software and the actual platforms to upload them (it would be preferable if it is more than one platform). We want to know the range of good and best options.

As part of this plan, gather available information in the movement and beyond on different practices about the different tools and platforms that could be used, specify the benefits pros and cons of the option and propose the options to consider as best. Open source solutions are a preference, but not exclusive. Platforms for podcasts need to allow a specific Creative Commons content license(s) we opt for.

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I modified description a bit to make more explicit order of scale, focus on FLOSS, CC-licences and good-enough (range of solutions, not just single best). Feel free to revert/correct.

A good place to start could be contacting the WIKIMOVE podcast crew: and WikiUpdate:

I contacted the WIKIMOVE team via e-mail. As of right now, I'm seeing a lot of open source options for all the steps (recording, editing and publishing), which seems really good. I'm thinking about starting a page to document my research and what I've found in a more organized way.

If your notes are fastly expanding, consider using tabular sheet for overview and sorting, not just text pages.
Please keep me in Cc: with communication you do on this as we could also help with sorting priorities and focuses.

@frederic_ed @Zblace I started a Wikispore page gathering all information I have found about podcast production. I still have to test some features such as WordPress for distribution, but as of right now the FLOSS recording and editing options seems really good. At the bottom of the page I also added some issues that we might have to consider.

Tell me what you think:

If this task requires no more work, please help change its status to resolved. If there is remaining work, moving any pending items to a new task and closing this would be ideal, as Outreachy Round 25 workboard would soon be archived now that the internship is over.