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[IP Masking] Do not show the Welcome survey to Temporary account editors
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User story
As an anonymous editor,
I want clear message that I do not have an established Wikipedia account,
So that I can be assured about my anonymity.

Currently the Welcome survey is being shown to the temp account after they make an edit, with messaging that is confusing about their account status.

image.png (1×2 px, 614 KB)

Proposed solution

  • At minimum, Growth team should not show the welcome survey, but direct the temp account immediately back to the edited page.
  • Growth may alternatively wish to provide a different landing page or tailored welcome survey that makes it clear to the person they are a temp account.

Event Timeline

I think WelcomeSurvey should no longer be displayed to temporary account holders. AFAIK, this was fixed as part of T338150: Prevent GrowthExperiments extension from saving preferences for Temp user .

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Checked on dewiki wmflabs

  • anon (a temp account) user doesn't see WelcomeSurvey
  • Spezial:WelcomeSurvey requires that a user was logged in