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Clarify Trove and Toolsdb usage within WMCS
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Historically toolsdb has been utilized primiarly within Toolforge, and while much newer, Trove has been only utilized within cloud VPS projects. Given the success of using trove within toolforge T323502, and similar precedence of cloud vps projects relying on toolsdb (often after migrating from toolforge), let's update the documentation accordingly.

Rather than be seen as platform specific DbaaS, instead update messaging to convey (feel free to correct / suggest):



  • For more complex / more demanding applications
  • Suitable for higher performance needs
  • Project controlled access and connection limits
  • Requires small amount of administration responsibilities
  • Databases specific to each project and not shared

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Added simple warning to to prevent the creation of further non-conforming databases that would be better served by trove. See T291782#8654048 for a rundown on current sizes.

fnegri triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 6 2023, 8:57 AM

I think the message that was added in (diff) is probably enough, marking this task as resolved.