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Archive Grid Engine Documentation on Wikitech
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Given grid engine migration is now well underway, and the technology has been considered deprecated for some time, let's update wikitech to remove grid engine references. For existing users, grid documentation should still be accessible in case it's needed. For existing administrators, documentation needed to maintain the platform should also be accessible.

However, for new users / anyone else reading about Toolforge, let's revise the messaging to mention kubernetes only, and not mention a grid engine option. Given the ongoing migration to kubernetes, we want to avoid adding any new grid job that would have to be migrated shortly afterwards.

This ticket is not intended to prevent existing users from utilizing the platform. It's also not intended to make finding documentation for those who need it impossible. Still, wikitech can be cleaned up to provide a clearer understanding of WMCS platforms.

Input is welcome on how best to 'archive' these pages. Once the grid engine migration is completed, the pages can be scheduled for deletion.

Recommendations per @TBurmeister and @apaskulin:

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