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Broken CentralAuth URL on accounts created by others
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@MarcoAurelio wrote on 27 July 2019:

Spotted today:

<CVNBot8> New user [[hr:User:Marijicaaa08]] created by [[hr:User:OR6667]]. CentralAuth: ${caurl}

CVNBot8 runs CVNBot 1.22.0-beta.3 in #cvn-sw.

Related: #19 (T327126) and #37.

Apparently comming from:

Accounts created by anonymous users are not being affected by this issue.

Event Timeline

@Krinkle wrote:

@MarcoAurelio Can you confirm if this is still reproducible since we deployed CVNBot 3.0?

Apparently we're back at the old behaviour:

<CVNBot5> New user [[m:User:JCabanero (WMF)]] created. Block: for #cvn-meta

<CVNBot6> New user [[m:User:JCabanero (WMF)]] created. CentralAuth: for #cvn-sw

Actual log on Meta-Wiki: here.

CVNBot5: CVNBot 1.22.0-beta.3

CVNBot6: CVNBot 1.22.0-beta.3


Change 881613 had a related patch set uploaded (by Universal Omega; author: Universal Omega):

[labs/countervandalism/CVNBot@master] Fix the caurl attribute for newuser2 events

Universal_Omega changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Jan 19 2023, 6:58 PM
Universal_Omega claimed this task.

Change 881613 merged by jenkins-bot:

[labs/countervandalism/CVNBot@master] Program: Set missing `caurl` attribute for newuser2 events