UploadWizard should not suggest categories that do not exist
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On Commons, eg when typing "Coins" there are suggestions like "Coins+of+Caligula" which do not exist. They don't have a category-namespace page and it doesn't have any members:

mysql> select * from category where cat_title like 'Coins+%'\G
cat_id: 8834485
cat_title: Coins+of+Caligula
cat_pages: 0
cat_subcats: 0
cat_files: 0
cat_hidden: 0
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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mr.heat wrote:

Same problem here. It suggests "Test123" and other strange stuff that was either deleted or never existed as a category.

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saibotrash wrote:

Confirmed on Commons by typing "Test" → Test123 is suggested and even blue linked!

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saibotrash wrote:

from dev chat: it suggests apparently all categories which have ever been used (that doesn't mean that the cat pages need to have been existent)

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ibaker wrote:

The API returns stuff that UW doesn't care about. The right solution is probably to add a config option that disables suggestion of categories that lack a description page. Then, call one of:



depending on how that config var is set.

(note to self: in mw.ApiCategory.js line 46 or so)

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neilk wrote:

Suggested way to proceed.

1 -- change the API call to use parameters not like this:


but like this


Which tests for pages in the Category namespace -- subtly different from looking to see if something is in the Category table. If that is efficient enough. Note that 14 is the usual namespace for categories but it should be obtained from config.

2 -- if a category was not found via API, render it as red in the interface.

We already are checking if the category exists (a dialog box is thrown up to ask if the user is really sure) so this should not be difficult

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ibaker wrote:

Okay, we now only suggest categories that have description pages. See r103523

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