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Claiming: A sharp picture gets unsharp after loading
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A user claims that a sharp picture gets unsharp after loading:
(it's sharp in the small view, then I click on it to see it in full screen, it's still sharp when it's loading, and then, it's unsharp after loading)

My device is OnePlus 7t with android 12

Screenshot_2023-01-05-19-05-53-71_173823495e561b2cdc2de22ac640109c (1).jpg (2×1 px, 865 KB)

Screenshot_2023-01-05-19-06-00-56_173823495e561b2cdc2de22ac640109c (1).jpg (2×1 px, 825 KB)

Screenshot_2023-01-05-19-05-34-88_173823495e561b2cdc2de22ac640109c (2).jpg (2×1 px, 648 KB)

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