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Growth: Product testing for IP Masking
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User story:

As an unregistered editor with a temporary account, I want to be sure that all wiki features (maintained by the Growth team) work as expected, because I want to edit using a temporary account without my IP address displaying by default

See T326816: Update features for IP Masking for more details.

Acceptance Criteria:

Audit the projects and features as outlined in IP Masking x Growth - high level testing (Product/Design)

Coordinate with other teams as needed for audit / review that would be best completed by another team.
Create tasks for any follow up work needed.


  • Welcome Survey
  • Help Panel
  • Newcomer homepage
  • Suggested edits
  • Mentor dashboard
  • Community Configuration

Other Growth Maintained features / projects:

  • Thanks
  • StructuredDiscussions
  • Notifications
  • PageTriage: to be owned by Moderator Tools: T339252
  • Wikilove
  • MW-extensions-Nuke
  • MW-Recent-changes
  • MW-extensions-GuidedTour
  • MW-extensions-NewUserMessage
  • MW-extensions-NewUserActions
  • MW-extensions-NewUserNotif
  • MW-Watchlist
  • MW-Extensions-ORES