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Message received by the newcomer when their mentor quits could be improved
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When a mentor quits, they are replaced by another mentor; newcomers who had the mentor who left get a message.
At the moment, the message uses MediaWiki:Growthexperiments-quit-mentorship-reassign-mentees-log-message-removed

$2 removed $1 from mentorship
$1 - username of the previous mentor
$2 - username of the admin who removed the mentor

If the mentor is removed by another admin, the message is:

Reason: Jane removed Joe from mentorship

But the same message is used if Jane, acting as an admin, removes themselves from the list of mentors. Then the message shown is:

Reason: Jane removed Jane from mentorship

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For a newcomer, the important information is that you have a new mentor. The reason why your old mentor left is not important and should be removed from the messages. The reason is kept in logs though.

Acceptance Criteria:

When a mentor removes themselves from mentorship, or is removed by an admin, we should provide a more user-friendly message:

Your former mentor, $old_mentor, is no longer your mentor.
$new_mentor is your new mentor on $wiki.

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@KStoller-WMF @MShilova_WMF is there an epic this task could belong to?

@kostajh , we don't really have an epic at the moment that this task best aligns with. Let's just keep it with the GrowthExperiments-Mentorship Phab tag for now. Martin is ok with that.

I was informed of a case where the newcomer asked the person who did the mentor reassignment why they did it.

If Alice pressed the button to redistribute Bob's mentees, shall we tell the mentee about Alice?

@Trizek-WMF I agree that we don't really need to include the username of the person who did the removal.

Should we merge this task into: T345635: Improve Growthexperiments-quit-mentorship-reassign-mentees-log-message-removed and prioritize T345635?

I think we should merge T345635 into the current one, as it is more detailed, and prioritize it.

KStoller-WMF moved this task from Triaged to Backlog on the Growth-Team board.
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@Trizek-WMF feel free to suggest changes. I think "quit mentorship" sounds a little harsh, so I'm suggesting "is no longer mentoring editors" even though it's longer. Hopefully that sounds OK.

I picked the message that makes more sense and added bold to match the existing bold items in the different notifications.

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@Trizek-WMF The new message makes sense to me when doing a bulk reassignment. Currently, we use the same notification for both claims and other mentor changes (either done by us, or in theory by the community via our API).

I think that the new message can be confusing when the mentee was claimed, as in that case, their old mentor is actually likely to be mentoring users; there's just a reason why they don't mentor this specific user (perhaps a different mentor fits better). I think it's challenging to determine the context in which the reassignment happened, at least when (if) community made tools get involved, so continuing to use a single notification makes sense to me.

With the above in mind, what about:

Your former mentor, $old_mentor, is no longer your mentor.
$new_mentor is your new mentor on $wiki.

Would that work? Would you prefer a different wording to make the message more generic?

The new message makes sense, I'd like to have @KStoller-WMF to have a look at it though. :)

Sprint cleanup

This is now blocked from my perspective, as I need the message confirmed to move forward.

I didn't realize this same message was used for when a mentee was claimed, so with that in mind, I agree with @Urbanecm_WMF 's suggestion. Thanks for thinking through all the use cases!

Change 969965 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm; author: Urbanecm):

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] EchoMentorChangePresentationModel: Rephrase notification

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Change 969965 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] EchoMentorChangePresentationModel: Rephrase notification

Etonkovidova added a subscriber: Etonkovidova.

Checked in testwiki wmf.5 - both messages, a notification and an email, received by a mentee when their mentor quits, have the following text: "Your former mentor, $old_mentor, is no longer your mentor.
$new_mentor is your new mentor on $wiki. "

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