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Reduce volume size on paws template?
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The paws magnum templates for prod assign a 100G volume. This is used for docker to store images locally. We use about 9.5G on a fresh install. Which will grow as images are replaced, largely due to the singleuser image which is about 7G. Docker should clean these up automatically as it gets above some threshold, I believe it engages at about 70% usage. We will need a minimum of 2x the base deploy, I don't see it as too likely that we're going to need 10x. Perhaps we should reduce the volume size to more like 50G? Or do we care? Currently there are 4 nodes, as a result we could save 200G with this.

If we want to make this reduction, it can be tied into a new magnum template creation, thus should not be done right away.

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Discussed in meeting, let's drop it from 100 to 40.

I agree we should reduce the size to 50G or less.

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