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Remove puppet code related to paws kubeadmin cluster
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T327261 removes the paws kubeadmin cluster, though there is some puppet code related to that cluster left behind. This task is to track the removal of that code. This would only be code related to paws-k8s-worker, paws-k8s-ingress and paws-k8s-control nodes, other parts of the project remain intact.

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Though I don't actually know what code would be related. Could you post there on what would be removed?

I'd start by looking at the related roles and profiles (modules/(profile|role)/*/wmcs/paws/) and just looking at which of them are still used and which are not.

You also should delete the related prefixes (in Horizon under the Puppet tab in the sidebar) for hosts that do not exist anymore.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2023-02-14T08:15:42Z] <taavi> empty profile::wmcs::paws::control_nodes hiera key to bring PAWS back up (T329581), it contained the hostnames of the old kubeadm backed cluster which should be cleaned up properly in T327674