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Selection of files for February upload
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This is a list of all files available to us (and that I have copied locally)

Our process now is as follow:

  • Make a selection of files we want to upload to Commons
  • By Jan 31, share our selection list with NM
  • Once they have approved, upload the files
  • By Feb 7, finish the upload so that it works with the communication schedule

Event Timeline

Got help with the selection from @JosefineHellrothLarssonWMSE based the geographic areas relevant for the project Wikipedia for all of Sweden.

Sent list to NM with following collections:

  • All from Ulltuna (Uppsala län)
  • All from Hälsingborg (Skåne län)
  • All from Norrköping (Östergötlands län)
  • All from Finspång (Östergötlands län)
  • Images from Saab (Östergötlands län):
    • Männen bakom B-17
    • SAAB Linköping
    • SAAB Linköping (egna negativ) + DIA
    • SAAB Flygverkstäderna Linköping
    • SAAB Saab-viggen Flygfoto, viggen i action för Know How II