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Optimize 'Share reading lists' per feedback from usability tests
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The team is considering rolling out the capability to share reading lists in the iOS and Android apps. We ran usability tests on Android and received feedback to optimize the next iteration of the feature.

  • Study usability test analysis and create actionable items for design/implementation
  • Consider legal/community constraints for the design recommendations, e.g. web previewing of articles within reading lists can not be pursued currently
  • Consider drafting wireframes/designs for implementation guidance
Usability test links
Design action/items
  1. Introduce in-app previews for shared reading lists (T327903) [needs design first]
  2. Optimize timing and display of dialogs, tooltips, and alerts when reading lists are shared/received (T327912) [needs design first]
  3. Improve the landing page of a shared reading list per design specs (T327905)
  4. [SPIKE] Optimize performance when importing a shared reading list (T327907)
  5. Optimize "MB indication" UI when importing (T327909)
  6. Hide "Share" in the overflow menu in countries where the feature is unavailable (T327910)
  7. Improve the quality of translations/localization for shared reading lists (T327911)

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Besides the iOS side of things – this is completed from a design perspective. Moving it to "Epics in progress" as there subtasks. Feel free to move @JTannerWMF.

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