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[SPIKE] Optimize performance when importing a shared reading list
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  • Importing a reading list took a very long time. In this example video, importing six articles took ~ 30 seconds; this was the case in most tests.
  • Reading list header images took a long time to load. After the list had been imported, the article images in the header took a long time to be displayed in higher quality. This happened even when participants had a good internet connection (Video)
  • Investigate how the performance can be optimized when importing a shared reading list
  • Investigate how to optimize the image loading behavior when importing lists

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Per discussion:

This relates to the T327909 where the current flow shows the "imported" list only after the articles are downloaded completely, which will also affect the issue that displays the size (%d MB) of the reading lists.

The research is completed. I have a PR of fixing it and also fixing the zero MB size when importing a list.

See demo: @scblr Since there's no alpha APK available for testing, here is a demo video for you to check:

Looks good, @cooltey. Minor feedback: can you hide the indicator completely when it’s = 0.00 MB (at the beginning)? Start to show the indicator once it’s bigger than 0.00 MB.

Hi @scblr. The fix has been handled in this ticket T328474 and now you can see it on the latest Alpha.

ABorbaWMF subscribed.

Testing on list of various sizes it appears to be faster now. The 6 article list I used for testing took ~17 seconds on a decent network. Looks good on 2.7.50429-r-2023-02-13