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Improve the quality of translations/localization for shared reading lists
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  • The title “Reading lists” on the landing page is not localized in most languages (Video)
  • Import dialog was not translated into Spanish and Arabic (Video)
  • Make sure to fix the above localization issues
  • Check the UI copy spreadsheet for missing translations
  • Furthermore, we have to ensure that the UI is 100% translated for the regions we are targeting
  • We might have to improve the QA process when developing for/with multiple languages to catch localization issues early

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scblr updated the task description. (Show Details)

Instructions: @scblr add spreadsheet with translations

Dbrant subscribed.
  • Updated all missing copy on the Reading Lists landing page. (should be deployed automatically with the next TWN sync + train schedule. Might need backport if we really need to roll it out sooner.)
  • The Import dialog has slightly new copy, being updated in T327903, and will be handled there.