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Chinese Language Converter does not work in Extension:PageAssessments
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Chinese Traditional and Simplified Conversion doesn't work in Extension:PageAssessments.
Steps to replicate the issue :

What happens?:
Although {{#assessment:铁道|<class>|<importance>}} have been put on many talk page, when searching for the traditional Chinese characters "鐵道", you can't get any result. Only the simplified Chinese characters "铁道", which are used in {{#assessment:}}, will give results.

What should have happened instead?:
Both tradition Chinese characters "鐵道" and simplified Chinese characters "铁道" should get results , no matter which one is used in {{#assessment:}}.

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I think there would be some questions:

  • How do the extension know other names in variants' , or, how do we define them ?
    • How do we handle different situations for Simplified-Han-merged characters?
    • How do we handle non-character-by-character names or manually fixing mis-converted names?
      • For example, "資訊科技" <=> "信息技术" is not character-to-character conversion.
  • Reference: How category pages work (in findVariantLink ):
    • Assume A and B are the names that "conversion-overlapped" in different language variants
    • If only category page A or B is created, treat them as same category
    • If category page A and B created, treat them as different category
  • However, we cannot simply use "findVariantLink" for assessment

The solution I can currently think of:

  • Define a MediaWiki page for assessment names
    • { <unique-ID> => { "names" => [ <lang-code> => <lang name / lang variant name>, ... ], "aliases" => [ <aliases>, ... ] } }
  • Then, we can support i18n/language variants for PageAssessments.