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Change Namespace Aliases on diq.wikipedia
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Please change the namespace aliases on diq.wikipedia. The discussion is here.

  • Bağse > Xısusi
  • Vaten > Werênayış
  • Karber vaten > Werênayışê karberi
  • $1 vaten > Werênayışê $1
  • Wikipedia > Wikipediya
  • Dosya vaten > Werênayışê dosya
  • MediaWiki > MedyaWiki
  • MediaWiki vaten > Werênayışê MedyaWikiyi
  • Şablon vaten > Werênayışê şabloni
  • Desteg > Peşti
  • Desteg vaten > Werênayışê peşti
  • Kategori > Kategoriye
  • Kategori vaten > Werênayışê kategoriye
  • Portal vaten > Werênayışê portali
  • Modul vaten > Werênayışê moduli
  • Halet > Hacet
  • Halet vaten > Werênayışê hacetan
  • Halet şınasnayış > Şınasnayışê hacetan
  • Halet şınasnayış vaten > Werênayışê şınasnayışê hacetan

Event Timeline

There are a number of different components involved in this Task as those names come from: MediaWiki core, Scribunto, Gadgets and Site-requests for the local/custom namespaces. The current list of namespaces for diqwiki (and diq language in general) is at P44675.

@Aklapper shall this Task be split per-component?

Dereckson added a subscriber: Dereckson.

There are indeed two parts on this request:

  • First, translation specific to the wiki -> that can be for configuration
  • Secondly, translation for MediaWiki itself, like Kategori > Kategoriye, that should perhaps be done as localisation level, so everyone can benefit of this

(both can be done on that task, as Phabricator allows several tags/projects)

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