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quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker failure on CLDR master
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00:30:15 [10.9MiB/0.20s] > pre-update-cmd: Wikimedia\Composer\Merge\V2\MergePlugin->onInstallUpdateOrDump
00:30:15 [10.9MiB/0.20s] > pre-update-cmd: ComposerHookHandler::onPreUpdate
00:30:15 [12.2MiB/0.21s] Script ComposerHookHandler::onPreUpdate handling the pre-update-cmd event terminated with an exception
00:30:15 In autoload_real.php line 59:
00:30:15   [ErrorException]                                                             
00:30:15   require(/workspace/src/vendor/composer/../../extensions/DonationInterface/g  
00:30:15   ateway_common/WmfFramework.php): failed to open stream: No such file or dir  
00:30:15   ectory                                                                       
00:30:15 Exception trace:
00:30:15   at /workspace/src/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php:59
00:30:15  Composer\Util\ErrorHandler::handle() at /workspace/src/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php:59
00:30:15  require() at /workspace/src/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php:59
00:30:15  composerRequire_mediawiki_vendor() at /workspace/src/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php:42
00:30:15  ComposerAutoloaderInit_mediawiki_vendor::getLoader() at /workspace/src/vendor/autoload.php:25
00:30:15  require_once() at /workspace/src/includes/AutoLoader.php:327
00:30:15  require_once() at /workspace/src/includes/composer/ComposerHookHandler.php:15
00:30:15  ComposerHookHandler::startAutoloader() at /workspace/src/includes/composer/ComposerHookHandler.php:20
00:30:15  ComposerHookHandler::onPreUpdate() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/EventDispatcher/EventDispatcher.php:439
00:30:15  Composer\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher->executeEventPhpScript() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/EventDispatcher/EventDispatcher.php:257
00:30:15  Composer\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher->doDispatch() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/EventDispatcher/EventDispatcher.php:129
00:30:15  Composer\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher->dispatchScript() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/Installer.php:277
00:30:15  Composer\Installer->run() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/Command/UpdateCommand.php:247
00:30:15  Composer\Command\UpdateCommand->execute() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/vendor/symfony/console/Command/Command.php:298
00:30:15  Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command->run() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/vendor/symfony/console/Application.php:1040
00:30:15  Symfony\Component\Console\Application->doRunCommand() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/vendor/symfony/console/Application.php:301
00:30:15  Symfony\Component\Console\Application->doRun() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/Console/Application.php:377
00:30:15  Composer\Console\Application->doRun() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/vendor/symfony/console/Application.php:171
00:30:15  Symfony\Component\Console\Application->run() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/src/Composer/Console/Application.php:141
00:30:15  Composer\Console\Application->run() at phar:///usr/bin/composer/bin/composer:88
00:30:15  require() at /usr/bin/composer:29

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Reedy triaged this task as High priority.Jan 30 2023, 12:56 AM

Wow, that's kind of bizarre - what is composer doing looking for a DonationInterface file on the preUpdate hook? @Jdforrester-WMF do you suppose this is an artifact of the fundraising test suites? Perhaps CLDR should just run the normal tests and not the fundraising-specific ones?

00:30:00 + exec docker run --entrypoint=quibble-with-supervisord --tmpfs /workspace/db:size=320M --volume /srv/jenkins/workspace/quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker/src:/src --volume /srv/jenkins/workspace/quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker/cache:/cache --volume /srv/jenkins/workspace/quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker/log:/workspace/log --volume /srv/git:/srv/git:ro --security-opt seccomp=unconfined --init --rm --label jenkins.job=quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker --label --env-file /dev/fd/63 --packages-source composer --db mysql --db-dir /workspace/db --run=phpunit --branch REL1_39 --project-branch mediawiki/extensions/cldr=master --project-branch mediawiki/core=fundraising/REL1_39 --project-branch mediawiki/vendor=fundraising/REL1_39 mediawiki/vendor mediawiki/extensions/cldr

As it's checking out mediawiki/core with fundraising/REL1_39, that does mean DonationInterface is brought in as a git submodule.

The file is referenced in

As part of the CI:

00:30:15 INFO:quibble.commands:>>> Start: Create composer.local.json with dependencies ['mediawiki/core', 'mediawiki/extensions/cldr', 'mediawiki/skins/Vector', 'mediawiki/vendor']
00:30:15 INFO:quibble.commands:composer.local.json for merge plugin
00:30:15 INFO:quibble.commands:Created composer.local.json
00:30:15 INFO:quibble.commands:<<< Finish: Create composer.local.json with dependencies ['mediawiki/core', 'mediawiki/extensions/cldr', 'mediawiki/skins/Vector', 'mediawiki/vendor'], in 0.001 s

If we look at the code in quibble..

def execute(self):'composer.local.json for merge plugin')
    composer_local = os.path.join(
        self.mw_install_path, 'composer.local.json'
    with open(composer_local, 'w') as f:
                "extra": {
                    "merge-plugin": {
                        "include": [
        )'Created composer.local.json')

Which makes Create composer.local.json with dependencies ['mediawiki/core', 'mediawiki/extensions/cldr', 'mediawiki/skins/Vector', 'mediawiki/vendor'] seem misleading.

All that being said, it's then definitely odd that if it's reading a composer.json file from DonationInterface extension, how can extensions/DonationInterface/gateway_common/WmfFramework.php then not exist? The file is in master and REL1_39, and on the same commit...

greg lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Feb 14 2023, 9:24 PM
greg added a subscriber: greg.

Setting to medium for now, please let us know if it needs higher action while we focus on a short term goal needed for FR.

In case it wasn't clear, this problem is currently blocking all merges in the CLDR extension.

Traditionally merge blockers have been triaged as UBN!, though this one is only affecting one extension to my knowledge.

Setting to medium for now, please let us know if it needs higher action while we focus on a short term goal needed for FR.

- name: mediawiki/extensions/cldr
    - name: in-wikimedia-production
    - name: in-wikimedia-fundraising-production
    - name: extension-quibble
    - name: extension-coverage
    - name: extension-gate
  # Special extra jobs because Fundraising uses this on PHP74/REL1_39
    - quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker
    - quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker

Are we ok to disable the gate-and-submit job here until someone has any time to look at this properly? The test one will still run, and (presumably) fail, but shouldn't block unrelated patches being merged into master of cldr...

As we've got a few patches starting to build up that we can't merge (unless we C+2/V+2 and force)

Change 891281 had a related patch set uploaded (by Reedy; author: Reedy):

[integration/config@master] layout.yaml: Disable FR cldr gate-and-submit job

Change 891281 merged by jenkins-bot:

[integration/config@master] layout.yaml: Disable FR cldr gate-and-submit job

Change 891281 merged by jenkins-bot:

[integration/config@master] layout.yaml: Disable FR cldr gate-and-submit job

This can be reverted at will. I've left the job (failing) on the test pipeline, which should help/make debugging a bit easier. Jenkins will -1 on test, but if people ignore that job and +2 it will merge the patch, if the other tests pass...

The job quibble-fundraising-cldr-REL1_39-php74-docker triggers for the cldr MediaWiki extension master branch to ensure it is working with DonationInterface. That was done several years ago because DonationInterface depended on the master branch of cldr, FundraisingEmailUnsubscribe and ParserFunctions.

The issue is PHP is unable to find a file:


It is thus looking for a file provided by DonationInterface, but the repository is NOT cloned by the job. That is because CI intentionally does not process submodules when it clones mediawiki/core (which in fundraising/REL1_39 has git submodules), instead it is expected CI clones each repositories individually and to run the tests. There is also a large mix up of branches being used to compose the MediaWiki deployment for fundraising, mediawiki/core fundraising/REL1_39 has:


In the ideal world:

  • all those repositories would use the same branch (fundraising/REL1_39)
  • for each of those repositories CI would trigger a common job which clones each of those repositories and run the tests (the same way we have the wmf-quibble-* jobs being triggered by a set of a repositories to ensure they work well together)

Then we can get Gerrit to automatically update the submodules from mediawiki/core fundraising/REL1_39 which is what we are doing for the wmf/* branches.

Or in short, I think the quibble-fundraising-* jobs are broken cause they don't trigger for all repositories or are missing some repository (such as DonationInterface).

Change 897068 had a related patch set uploaded (by Majavah; author: Majavah):

[integration/config@master] zuul: Disable fr/REL1_39 gate-and-submit for ParserFunctions

Change 897068 merged by jenkins-bot:

[integration/config@master] zuul: Disable fr/REL1_39 gate-and-submit for ParserFunctions