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Cleanup and attach volumes for gitlab-runners WMCS project
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gitlab-runners WMCS project in WMCS has 10 unused volumes, each 60GB in size. The volumes are not attached to any instance.
The gitlab-runner VMs use the flavor g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral40.4xiops, which creates a second ephemeral 40GB volume in the VM.

We should align this and either delete the unused volumes or attach them to the runners. I think the best approach would be to delete the volumes and get a new flavor like g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral100.4xiops . I'm not sure if that can be requested. Just replacing the 40GB ephemeral volume with a dedicated 60GB volume will provide limited benefits with more complex setup. That may not be worth the effort.

So we either need a new flavor for 100GB ephemeral disks or raise the colume quota to ~1000GB (10x100GB).

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LSobanski moved this task from Incoming to Backlog on the collaboration-services board.

I deleted all unused volumes in the gitlab-runners project. This freed some storage/volume quotas in the project.

We may use some of that for a dedicated disk needed for the docker registry proxy T329679. But that's still in evaluation.