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Choice to always give user the recommended latest skin
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In Preferences the users sees

	Vector legacy (2010) (default | Preview | Custom CSS | Custom JavaScript)
	Vector (2022) (Discussion | Preview | Custom CSS | Custom JavaScript)
	MinervaNeue (Discussion | Preview | Custom CSS | Custom JavaScript)
	MonoBook (Preview | Custom CSS | Custom JavaScript)
	Timeless (Preview | Custom CSS | Custom JavaScript)

How about an additional choice:

  • Just keep me always using the the current recommended skin.

That way the user wouldn't have to worry about updating his choice every few years, lest it get stale.

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This should already be the behavior when you select the default skin?

That is good to know, but hard to know!
Users don't know that.
Yes, if they never looked in Preferences,
things would go perfect for them.

Also just because one is marked as (not seen above) default,
or "the one you found selected when your first
looked in Preferences", then there also should be a way
to indicate that you love it so much that one day
when it is no longer the default, you want to stick with
it nonetheless.

Anyway, all this needs to be made clear on the form. Thanks.

Aklapper changed the subtype of this task from "Bug Report" to "Feature Request".Jan 31 2023, 8:50 AM

@Jidanni: This is not a bug. Please see the header at the top of the creation form and do not delete the form but fill it out.