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Wikitech needs interwiki list setup
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Wikitech needs interwiki list setup to be able to link to other sites in common short form, such as [[m:Help:Introduction]].

Please either adopt the current Wikimedia-wide interwiki list and/or add any of interwiki extensions such as

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Tested [[m:Help:Introduction]] on wikitech and it worked; are there some that do not yet work?

(In reply to comment #1)

How is this meanwhile?

Like a 404, after migration. :)
Now it (still) thinks it's a Wikipedia, and it lacks all the previous local custom interwikis like RT.
Ariel used this procedure after the last upgrade (before the labsconsole merge):
Apparently RT is not a language code so if it managed to correctly use the normal interwiki map that would be enough:

wikitech-old already had a bad map for some time before the migration. (i.e. I can remember having RT redlinks for quite a while now)

Some docs/instructions in bug 41786.

RT 4852.

From RT #4852:

Wed Jun 19 17:18:03 2013 Rob Halsell:
This was already done and is live now (I just tested it), resolving ticket.