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Brainstorm: Status update functionality
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Wikiproject Music’s @Moebeus has a long running project to publish on social media weekly reports on “Albums per language” − see eg (also branch out to Works per language, see

Could we somehow replicate this in integraality?

The information displayed includes:

ExMusica data pointintegraality equivalent
AlbumsTotal number of items
Added this week
% with a language statement% with the grouping property
unique languagesNumber of groups
Inventory: Top 20 with:
Property ID
Group label
previous week count
current count

The only data point missing is the diff in total count from the previous week, and the last week count. The counts of the previous week are implicitly in the MediaWiki history, but that’s not accessible by integraality itself.

See T328534: Compute diff from previous report for work on a diff functionality (focused on the MediaWiki report, but both use cases should be taken into account).

The other status report of Wikiproject Music is the “heatseekers” − which groups have progressed the most. Slightly different, but to keep in mind.

Event Timeline

Another kind of report is the one used for reporting on the Museum day competition:

Trying to do that by end, it’s painstaking. integraality could output the report in such a table format too.