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[toolsdb] Migrate "s54518__mw" db to Trove
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During the migration of ToolsDB to a new VM (T301949) I had to exclude the database s54518__mw from replication because MariaDB could not replicate some transactions. Given it's a small database, and it had similar replication issues in the past, I will try to move it to a dedicated Trove instance so we can debug these issues without affecting the rest of ToolsDB.

First I need to understand what data is contained in this db, and which tools are using it.

UPDATE: no need to migrate this db, as the tool is no longer maintained and can be deleted. See the comments below for more details.

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This DB is one of many owned by the 'wb' tool, maintained by @Symantec51.

@Symantec51, is there any chance we can just switch off that database entirely? If not, can you advise about how much downtime is OK and if you need it scheduled ahead of time?

fnegri triaged this task as High priority.Mar 6 2023, 8:57 AM

sent today:

Hello again!

So far we have not gotten any response from you, either via email or on phabricator. Unless you respond and are willing to coordinate with us we will stop your tool and drop your data soon.


On 3/8/23 9:26 AM, Andrew Bogott wrote:
> Hello!
> We're running into a few snags with the database used by one of your services, the 'mw' service in the 'wb' tool account. Can you please check in on and/or respond to this email and let us know if that tool is still important? There are various options, the easiest of which is for you to say that you don't need wb anymore and we can shut it down and delete the database 😄
> Thanks!
> -Andrew

I did some further checks, and it appears that the table that caused problems in the past (T301949#8578950, T266587, T322039) is a MEMORY table, and that can cause problems with replication.

bd808 renamed this task from [toolsdb] Migrate "mw" db to Trove to [toolsdb] Migrate "s54518__mw" db to Trove.Mar 27 2023, 8:47 PM

hello @bd808 @Andrew thanks for remember me, the tools now not maintain, you can drop the tools. Thanks

Thanks @Symantec51, I have disabled the tool. All data will be deleted in 40 days.

Change 909695 had a related patch set uploaded (by FNegri; author: FNegri):

[operations/puppet@production] ToolsDB: remove replication filters

Change 909695 merged by FNegri:

[operations/puppet@production] ToolsDB: remove replication filters