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Revival wanted for inactive WikimediaBE-l with no available admins left
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In the past weeks we restarted the talks to get the chapter Wikimedia Belgium from the ground, and wanted to use for that the mailing list with that purpose. I send an e-mail to the list and got a bounce mail back that I needed to be approved. So I wrote to both the admins of the list. One of them we can't reach at all for the past 45 days (he also participated in ), not by email, not on his talk page on his home wiki. The other I emailed and said he had lost his emailaddress and lost his passwords and can't log in any more. He requested that I should ask for shutting down the list and assign the list to me. We as Belgian community would like to use the list to set up the chapter so we hope it is possible to get access.

Thanks! Romaine

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Adding old admins as suggested by RobH. Please respond and let us know if this can be done.

I had sent another mail to the existing admins to ask about this and got a reply from "dereckson" who said:

"As far as I understand the situation,

  • Romaine needs to approve mails
  • KP hasn't had admin password anymore.

So, I added as moderator and sent admin password to KP."

Therefore this should be resolved now, right? wrote:

It seems I got approved on the list, I can log in and see the user list. But I do not have an admin password which is asked for in another screen. I think the procedure isn't complete and I didn't receive (besides a spam mail) anything by mail.


Greetings - Romaine

Romaine, there is a separate moderator password and an admin password. It appears that "dereckson",one of the current admins, now is active again and made you a moderator.

With the moderator password you should be able to login here:

note how this is different from the login that requires the admin password:

If you think you need more than the moderator rights, or you say you also did not receive the moderator password, could you try to contact "dereckson" (dereckson at,) directly first? He appears active again and also sent the admin password to "KP".

Probably he just gave you the moderator flag, and expected you can now use your regular user pass, but mailman still has that separate moderator password you need to use. I also expected that to be different at first.

Closed per comment #5. If you want the admin password, ask the current admin. Since he is active again, he can choose to give it to you or not.