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Allow getting statements based on the Property ID used
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Feature summary:
The Wikibase REST API currently does not allow getting the value(s) of a statement based on the Property ID - only based on the statement ID. People want to get data from Items based on the Property ID (e.g. P569 - date of birth).

Use case(s):
Get specific data from an Item for an infobox-like view. A request could be "What's the date of birth of that person?"

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):
Access to data would match the intuitive way reusers think about it

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Lydia_Pintscher moved this task from Backlog to Next on the Wikibase REST API board.

Seems to me it is what T309021 has described. Unless there's more to this ticket, I'd close it as a dupe of the other one.

Yes it covers the same thing. I could merge it but since the ticket can't be on the team board and the REST API board at the same time we'd lose it in the REST API board.