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Improve the expanded search results snippet in preview
Open, Needs TriagePublic


This ticket is a follow up ticket to T316397 where some of the ideas mentioned here were discussed in comments.

The scope of the original ticket was reduced due to uncertainty with what was feasible. The purpose of this ticket is to capture all the ideas mentioned about improving the expanded snippet to make them more relevant for the user.

List of ideas:

  • Identify where the sentence ends so we can give users the full context of the snippet.
  • Identify where sections begin/end so that the expanded snippet does not roll over to other sections.
  • Identify places where content is stripped out so that it can be indicated in the snippet.
  • Identify if the snippet is from tables so that it can either be indicated or expanded properly. Some explorations were done in T311161
  • Identify if the snippet has sentences from multiple parts of the article so that the right information can be shown to the user.