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Microtasks for GSoC
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Update dependencies

Explore APIs of different media repositories T197970

We aim to include a good representation of media sources into Wikidocumentaries. For each of the sources and their APIs, the API parameters need to be documented. Familiarize with the different sources and suggest a format for recording the parameters. Current documents are not very organized.

Familiarize with the image upload workflow T197968

Note open questions, problems, challenges that interest you

Unrelated to the task, but useful for understanding the project:

Apply image viewer to article view T330179 (JS, wikicode, Vue, MediaWiki API)

When a Wikidocumentaries page article is expanded, the images could be clicked to open into full-screen like this Such code exists for Vue for example

Create a generic SPARQL query to retrieve all events related to a topic T282316 (SPARQL)
To make a generic timeline for Wikidata items that have events associated with them, we need to use a SPARQL query that considers various details.

Make the site RTL for RTL languages T255530

Event Timeline

Hi! @Susannaanas. I Just want to ask if I should make changes to the GitHub repo. or there is a repo on Gerrit as well? Please could you provide me the repo link so I'll clone it and start working on it?

And where I have to create the SPARQL query?

Hi @Anomode, great to see you here!

Here are the answers to your questions:

  • The repo is exclusively in GitHub. @TuukkaH is the lead developer and can decide how we organize contributions. Currently, you should do pull requests. You can also use the repo issues to make notes or file issues.
  • Here's a ticket I wrote about the event query T282316. The query itself can be crafted in the Wikidata Query Service at The resulting query can be a short link exported from the query service.

To work on the project, you will need to set it up locally. The instructions are found here:

Ohh okay @Susannaanas. Got that. I'll start working. Thanks!!

Do what you find interesting at this point, no need to do all microtasks.

Hi @Susannaanas, I am interested in applying image viewer to article view. The current behavior is that the wikipedia page of this image will be opend. I wonder if I should overide this behavior if the image is clicked to open into full-screen?

Hi @Zexi_Gong. You are right about the viewer. The goal is to allow viewing any article image in large size. I do encourage you to pick up the task if @Anomode agrees.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @Susannaanas. If @Zexi_Gong is interested in implementing this feature or has a solution, please feel free to proceed.

I wanted to let you know that after a lot of understanding the codebase. I was able to locate the file that controls the hyperlink behavior when clicking on images, and it appears that these images are already hyperlinked to their respective Wikipedia pages. Therefore, I suggest that we refrain from adding the zoomable image feature.

It's important to ensure that each image in the documentary has a corresponding Wikipedia reference, and I believe that having hyperlinks to the pages already achieves this goal. This is just a suggestion, and I appreciate your consideration in this matter.

I understand that the demo page you provided did not have hyperlinked images, so the zoomable image feature may have been suitable in that case.

However, in our case, the images in the documentary are already hyperlinked to their respective Wikipedia pages, so adding the zoomable image feature may not be necessary. As I mentioned earlier, it's important to ensure that each image has a corresponding Wikipedia reference, and the hyperlinks already achieve this goal.

I opened a new task specifically regarding the image viewer: T330179