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Job stuck on "Possibly failed"
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Hello, I initiated an import from IA but it appears to have stopped shortly after starting. The status has been "Possibly failed" since then. I tried to submit the job again with the same file, but did not observe any difference in the log (copied below).

  1. Is it possible to purge the failed job and try again?
  2. I suspect that the initial upload failed because the file was uploaded to IA shortly before, and there maybe wasn't enough time for the file to be processed by IA first.

Thank you!

[2023-02-03T21:48:01.626811+00:00] LOG.INFO: Creating DjVu for kiu-tsu-ia-sou-ki-tok-kai-sin-ieh-tshuan-tsu-chien-kng-ma-thai-kau-sai-thu-1892 from Jp2 [] []
[2023-02-03T21:48:01.629244+00:00] LOG.INFO: Saving IA metadata to /ia-upload/jobqueue/kiu-tsu-ia-sou-ki-tok-kai-sin-ieh-tshuan-tsu-chien-kng-ma-thai-kau-sai-thu-1892/metadata.json [] []
[2023-02-03T21:48:02.032662+00:00] LOG.CRITICAL: JP2 zip file not found [] []

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Samwilson subscribed.

I've restarted the job, and it's running now.

It looks like it's now hanging on the conversion of PDF to DjVu, which uses an separate tool (that requirement will be removed in T307956).

Do you need it to be DjVu? Would it be okay as PDF? Alternatively, the DjVu could be built from the JP2 source images.

Thank you for your help! PDF is OK, I must have typed in the .djvu file extension by mistake.