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Set up regular community touch points
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What is the problem/what do you want to achieve?

We are having ad-hoc communication with the community and want a strcutured space and cadence

How can we help you?

Establishing synchronous and asynch spaces for community members to engage with us

What does success look like?

Sharing dedicated engagement spaces on Signpost, movement forum channel, wikimedia-l

What is your deadline?

End of March

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We now have the following to have :
-The feedback loop page on MediaWiki, where I add the issues that the users reported through the play and app store reviews, the support emails, MediaWiki talk pages, and the village pumps.
-Publishing the monthly updates on the team's pages on MediaWiki here and here.
-We have a group for the apps on the movement strategy forum.
-Setting the first Apps office hours, me and @JTannerWMF
discussed the opportunity to have these office hours on a quarterly basis; based on the attendance number of the first office hour, I suggest we have another one only in September 2023 before evaluating this method by the end of 2023 to decide what the best to be done for 2024.
-Emailing essential updates to the mobile-l list.
-I am currently working on creating a newsletter for the apps team to be published regularly.
Alongside engaging with users on their posts that mention the apps anywhere, especially village pumps.