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User block by name only
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Author: netoholic

There are many occasions, such as when a username is offensive or when a bot is not being run
properly, where it is appropriate to block by username/account only. Usually, when this happens now,
the IP auto-blocks must be undone manually.

It would be far more useful to have an extra option on the admin block screen to allow blocking by
username only., so that IP auto-blocks are not generated.

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Severity: enhancement



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netoholic wrote:

Additionally, and probably most usefully, this will be an excellent option for when the user account is coming from a major
ISP proxy, or other shared IP.

netoholic wrote:

*** Bug 1468 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

beland wrote:

As a bot operator, I have certainly run afoul of this problem. It is
particularly annoying that the bot operator cannot respond to complaints about
bot behavior because they are blocked from editing talk pages (along with
everything else). So this would be nice to do.

zigger wrote:

*** Bug 3868 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

robchur wrote:

*** Bug 3899 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Also have a look at the UsernameBlacklist extension (in cvs).

See also [[Bug 550]] which may implement what you are looking for here

That link should of course go to bugzilla bug #550 (hopefully [[bugzilla:550]]
will work)

Created attachment 2597
Patch causing autoblocks to "inherit" the mCreateAccount and mAnonOnly characteristics of their "parent" blocks

attachment bug1294 ignored as obsolete

Created attachment 2598
Revised patch, without minor bug

I realise that, per a discussion with Simetrical on IRC, this does not
completely resolve the bug. However, it might be useful to commit; I'm sure
there are always benefits to giving our sysops more choice with how they block.

attachment bug1294 ignored as obsolete

Created attachment 2599
Revised patch. Old one had parts of another patch in it.


Created attachment 2611
Tested patch, giving sysops the option of disabling autoblocks when blocking a user.

This should fully resolve the bug. Note that attachment 2599 may still be worth

attachment no_autoblocks_patch ignored as obsolete

Created attachment 2614
Revised patch 2611 to make autoblocks optional on new blocks

Previous patch did not include the update SQL file.


Patch 2614 was applied in r17338. Resolving as FIXED

stacey.nj wrote:

How about changing the text a bit? It seems like a strange option when you are
blocking an IP. How about "If this is a username block, also block all IPs used
by this user"?