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Improve Event Platform and MediaWiki Event Enrichment wikitech documentation
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User Story
As an event platform engineer, I need to document how to deploy a Flink job to k8s, where and how various eventplatform enrichment components live, and how to use Event Platform Value Stream work within the last year.
  • So other engineers can easily follow steps to deploy a new or modified job
  • So other engineers can more easily work with the components we've built.
Done is:

Event Timeline

There is some deployment documentation (dse-k8s) at

This should be updated to reflect charts changes, and the fact we are moving to wikikube.

As for other docs to move: probably all links at (expect maybe for the RFCs on Use Cases?).

We also need to finalize and publish the design doc for eventutilities-python (

I think we don't want to move most of that stuff, the value stream and POC stuff can stay there. We mostly want organized user manual docs about the things we are deploying.

Started with your docs from, and left a redirect there.

Ottomata renamed this task from Document Flink job deployment to k8s to Improve Event Platform and MediaWiki Event Enrichment wikitech documentation.May 24 2023, 8:10 PM
Ottomata updated the task description. (Show Details)

Today I moved [[

Use Cases ]] and Stream Processing Evaluation pages to wikitech.

I also moved the Flink on Kubernetes page under Event Platform, and have begun updating it.

Updated more today, reorged around and focused on flink-kubernetes-operator deployments.

Added docs about the mediawiki/state schema models, and removed docs about the now outdated mediawiki/**/common stuff.

FYI Am trying to collect various things I do for 'parental leave transition' docs at