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Generic k8s project
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Generic k8s project for those wanting k8s access?

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Creating k8s-dev in codfw1dev to tinker with this

Created cluster template with:

openstack coe cluster template create k8s-dev-23 \
--image Fedora-CoreOS-34 \
--external-network wan-transport-codfw \
--fixed-subnet cloud-instances2-b-codfw \
--fixed-network lan-flat-cloudinstances2b \
--dns-nameserver \
--network-driver flannel \
--docker-storage-driver overlay2 \
--master-flavor g2.cores1.ram2.disk20 \
--flavor g2.cores1.ram2.disk20 \
--coe kubernetes \
--labels kube_tag=v1.23.15-rancher1-linux-amd64,,cloud_provider_enabled=true \

Deployed cluster with:

openstack coe cluster create k8s-dev-123 --cluster-template k8s-dev-23 --master-count 1 --node-count 2