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SMW 1.6.1 with SMWSparqlStore: Erroneous SPARQL for property value comparison queries
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Author: matt.voysey

Using SMW 1.6.1 and SMWSparqlStore to use external triple store (TDB via Fuseki). A semantic query of the form:

{{#ask: [[Age::<75]] }}

Generates the following SPARQL query (namespace prefixes omitted):

?result swivt:wikiPageSortKey ?resultsk .
?result property:Age ?v1 .
{ FILTER ( ?v1 <= "75"^^xsd:double )
ORDER BY ASC(?resultsk)

The above returns no results, because the FILTER is placed in a different group to the query - see the SPARQL Query Spec section "5.2.2 Scope of Filters" ( Indeed, testing the same form of query using dbpedia's Virtuoso SPARQL server yields the error "Virtuoso 37000 Error SP031: SPARQL compiler: Variable 'v1' is used in subexpressions of the query but not assigned". I'm not sure it's valid SPARQL to filter within a graph with no variables.

The same problem also causes Special:SearchByProperty to not return any "nearby values" results for numeric properties.

I traced the source of this rogue nested group to SMW_SparqlStoreQueryEngine buildPropertyCondition method, around line 713:

$innerConditionString = $innerCondition->getCondition() . $innerCondition->getWeakConditionString();

if ( $innerConditionString != '' ) {
  $condition .= "{ $innerConditionString}\n" ;

Removing the '{' and '}' characters from the above fixes the problems and the queries then work OK, but I'm not sure whether it will break anything else.

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Fixed in r111235. The braces are now only placed if not a filter.