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Request increased quota for text-to-speech Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: text-to-speech

Type of quota increase requested: CPU, RAM, Volume

Amount to increase:

  • Increase CPU from 18 to 26
  • Increase RAM from 36GB to 72GB
  • Increase volume storage from 80GB to 130GB


  • To create mimic-be-01 with g3.cores16.ram32.disk20 — Mimic3 ( is another open source text-to-speech engine, and although it's currently running on larynx-be-01 (, this should run with its own 'dedicated' resources to make a fair comparison to Larynx.
  • Current usage is 10/18 CPUs in use, 36GB/36GB RAM in use, 70GB/80GB volume storage in use.

This is a second request, T323617: Request increased quota for text-to-speech Cloud VPS project being the first.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud-feed) [2023-02-22T15:52:13Z] <wm-bot2> Increased quotas by 8 cores, 50 gigabytes, 36864 ram (T330192) - cookbook ran by arturo@nostromo

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This should be done now.

Please note that I'm always confused by some of the quota item names we have (things like gigabytes and volumes, also different units etc). So if you see something not quite right quota-wise please reopen.