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Draft proposal for front-end modernization initiative
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The Design Systems team has drafted the SSR proposal (T272878), but we have also discussed rolling in other capabilities into the front-end modernization initiative (e.g., build step T199004 T279108, JS runtime T328699) and don't yet have a consolidated team-wide perspective of the problems we are trying to solve or how the potential solution(s) weave together.

Timebox: 1 week (~March 1)

Acceptance criteria:
As part of the proposal, we also want to answer the following questions around the "why?" and "what?" of the initiative, but also explore potential approaches to the "how?":

  • What exactly are the problems we’re trying to solve by driving this initiative?
    • That is, are we trying to solve: multiple ways to write UI? Better developer experience? Converging FE development within MediaWiki with where the rest of the industry is going? Improving performance?
    • Potential problems we might include here:
      • It is hard to use Vue in certain development contexts on wiki
      • We need to provide a solution for users who have explicitly disabled javascript
      • It is hard to integrate Vue into our development toolchain
      • It is hard to integrate Vue-based development workflows into our existing server-vended UI paradigms
      • We cannot use typescript
      • Our bundle size is large and getting larger
      • We cannot currently use ES6 syntax
      • Our build chain is PHP based
  • Why do we think our team should be tackling these problems, and why now?
  • Who do we need to help us?
  • Do we believe there is one solution path to address these problems? Or are multiple solutions needed?


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I know we are trying to keep the proposal short, but I still think it's important to show that we've thought through resourcing & timelines as much as we're able, even in the proposal stage. I've added a "Planning" section to cover things like resourcing, best/worst/most likely timeline estimates.

Should we add a reference to the IE11 removal proposal as well? There are connections, unclear about most productive path to proceed.

egardner changed the task status from In Progress to Stalled.Apr 10 2023, 5:55 PM

Moving this task to our "blocked" column until the team can formally decide how we want to proceed here.