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Reconsider behavior of "Search" button
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There are two aspects of the Search button to reconsider:

  1. Search button as a shortcut to Special:Search
  2. What happens when you press the Search button (with text in the search input)
  1. In Legacy Vector the search icon functions as a shortcut to Special:Search if there is no text in the search input,. We added the Search button to maintain that functionality. However, because we're using Vue the Search button doesn't load until the search input is focused, which makes it an inconvenient shortcut. Instead we should consider using the search icon (on the left of the search input). Even though it's unexpected/unconventional, I think it's a better shortcut (and also doesn't need to be super discoverable because it's a feature for advanced users).
  1. If you enter text into the search input then press the Search button, it functions the same as pressing Enter, or clicking on the first result (i.e. it has no unique functionality currently). Instead, when the Search button is pressed it should lead to the search results page (e.g. if there "Water" was entered in the search input, the Search button would lead here). Alternatively, if we switched the shortcut to the search icon we could remove the Search button.

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Restricted Application triaged this task as High priority. · View Herald TranscriptFeb 22 2023, 10:39 PM

After the implementation of the CSS-only typeahead search component, the search button is now visible on page load (see decision reflected on T338957) and also means item 1 in this task description to make the Search button a shortcut to the Special:Search page is done (which obviates T325904). Can this task be resolved?

Jdlrobson claimed this task.

I believe so!