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Set up Herald rule to automatically answer some common newcomer questions
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An interesting idea after talking to a coworker this weekend...
I'd like to give this a try as I see some repetitive patterns in comments.
We can always disable the Herald rule again if it is not performant enough or does not catch enough cases.

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Done in {H414}

nettrom_WMF subscribed.

Reopening this because this regular expression:


Seems to match the phrase "to start this" anywhere in a sentence because of how the | have everything up to that point in the expression be one option, and the expression to the right be the other option (resulting in it matching T332441#8706754). If the expression is to match "help me how" followed by either "to get started" or "to start this" then adding another set of parentheses should lock the optionality, I think? For example:


Hi and thank you for your interest! Please check thoroughly (and all of its communication section!). The page covers how to get started, assigning tasks, task status, how to find a codebase, how to create patches, where to ask general development questions and where to get help with setup problems, and how to ask good questions. Thanks a lot! :)

Uhm, thanks. I've fixed that Herald condition by using your proposed regex.
(I'd love to limit this Herald rule to only apply to commenters who have new accounts. But Herald doesn't support that.)