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Leveling up: Second design iteration of "Try a new task" dialog
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This task is to take what we've learned from the experiment (T328057) and community feedback and consider a second iteration of T322386: Leveling up: "Try a new task" dialog.

User story & summary:

As a newcomer shown a Leveling up post-edit dialog, I want to know enough about the task to decide if I should try it.

Background &  research: 

Community feedback:
When we completed T328356, we received feedback from newcomers about Leveling up designs. Some ideas mentioned:

  • It’s not clear to me how difficult the new task is going to be. Could you describe what the new task is going to be about?
  • I'm a bit afraid it’s going to be more difficult...

Experiment Results:
T328057: Leveling Up: experiment analysis


Leveling up Figma designs

Acceptance Criteria: 

Using existing Leveling up designs, community feedback, and experiment results, consider some design or UX changes we should consider to further improve newcomer engagement and retention.