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Babel extension: wrong colors used.
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  • Bottom-line of babel extension should be link to 'Categorie:Wikipedia:Babel' and not link to 'Categorie:Babel - Gebruikers naar taal'.
  • The text itself should not be in English 'Users by language' but in Dutch 'Gebruikers naar taal'.
  • The top link should have as text 'Taalvaardigheid' in stead of 'Babel-gebruikersinformatie' (the link itself is correct.
  • On nl-wiki we haven't employed xx-5, but the extension shows en-5 with the colours of nl-0. Also en-0 we did not employ, and got a grey colour, while nl-0 has another style.

Where can these things be set?


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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:47 PM
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I believe the Two middle ones are translation issues which are probably the translatewiki side of things.

The last one sounds like a bug and should be in a separate bug report

Most if not all of this is something that should do locally:

  1. Bottom link target: "MediaWiki:Babel-footer-url" (NOT at translatewiki since this is Wikipedia specific, not for Wiktionary, Wikibooks or any non-Wikimedia wiki) - change this message on nl.wikipedia:
  1. This one wasn't translated yet, but it's been fixed now.
  1. If you have suggestions for a better translation either fix it at translatewiki (if you're a Translator), or write your request at the Support desk of translatewiki: . Or if this is only for nl.wikipedia
  1. Is still stil the case ? Look at an example here at nl.wikipedia:


(In reply to comment #4)

Dupe of 31084?

No, that's for all the non-Wikipedia nl. project