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Update app bar component
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  • The typography, spacing, colors, and icons used in the app bar are currently inconsistent across different screens
  • The app bar component in Material 3 has undergone an update
  • The updated design will aim to create a consistent app bar design that provides a seamless experience for the user
  • By streamlining the design across all views, we hope to create a consistent visual language that users can easily recognize and understand


  • Create a component in the codebase and design library that can be reused
  • The goal of this task is to streamline the app bar's design across all views to create a more cohesive and consistent user experience
  • This involves updating the typography, spacing, colors, and icons used in the app bar to better align with Material 3's specifications

What has changed?


  • Create a reusable app bar component in the codebase with the new specs
  • Replace existing app across the app with the new component

Event Timeline

Please note that it may be more beneficial to hold off on starting this task until the colors (T330645) and type (T330753) definitions have been established in the codebase.

scblr removed scblr as the assignee of this task.Mar 7 2023, 3:55 PM