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Cannot access the server via SSH anymore
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I cannot access the server via SSH anymore. I used to connect to WMCH's VPN then connect to the IP address that you once gave me.
However, this IP refuses now any connection to the SSH port (ssh just tells "connection refused"). Could you check whether the IP changed please?

NOTE: Internal WMCH ticket: /servicedesk/customer/portal/3/DCT-426

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valerio.bozzolan added a subscriber: Ilario.

Thank you Raphoraph. I can confirm that something does not work anymore in the WMCH LAN to the wmch-demo server (LAN IP

It seems the host is up but it just refuses any connection to the SSH port 22. It seems a firewall issue to me but, this is strange, since I was able to access other services in the same netmask like (wmch-argo).

I'm opening a ticket to the WMCH upstream provider and keeping @Ilario in copy. Let's see what they respond.

For info I was able to access another project (Le Dico des Ados) too.
So, it's really our server who decided that the revolution was starting :-)

I'm not so sure that it's a firewall issue since firewalls usually do
not respond at all − they do not even say "lol no". The firewall would
probably let us wait infinitely. Connection refused might mean that
there aren't any app listening on port 22: perhaps the SSH-deamon crashed?

They replied: probably they will try at least a reboot to access the emergency console and fix.

…which probably explain why the site is currently down :D

The web service is up again but they probably need more time tomorrow morning to fix SSH.

ValerioBoz-WMCH added a subscriber: ValerioBoz-WMCH.

I noticed that SSH seems fully operational now. If more details will be shared about the cause, they will be shared here.

Uuuh, private issue higher than us