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[S] Schedule section-level image suggestions notifications
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NOTE: blocked by T330934

Use case

In order for users to receive section-level image suggestions notifications weekly, we need to schedule the section-level notification-generation script so that it runs weekly for each (relevant) wiki.

To do

Schedule the send-image-suggestions-notifications-to-experienced-users script (see T330934) to run for the following wikis weekly

  • pt
  • ru
  • id
  • ca
  • fi
  • hu
  • no

Event Timeline

CBogen renamed this task from Schedule section-level image suggestions notifications to [S] Schedule section-level image suggestions notifications.Mar 22 2023, 4:48 PM

Note that this is redundant - because the notifications are bundled the same schedule is used for both SLIS and ALIS. We're going to leave some time for translators to complete the new translations in the notifications patch, then merging will kick off the SLIS notifications

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