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Captcha is not handled correctly when editing article descriptions
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There are a few cases when a CAPTCHA might be shown to the user, for preventing spam or abuse:

  • When creating a new account.
  • When making any kind of edit.

In our general editing workflow, we handle a potential Captcha correctly. However, in our Description Editing workflow, we have a big old TODO for handling a Captcha: if you make an edit that triggers a Captcha, the interface will just hang, with no further updates.

Let's try to add Captcha handling to the description editing flow, or even better, generalize our Captcha handling mechanism so that it functions transparently, i.e. "inline" with any other editing workflow that we might build in the future.

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Guidance for triggering a captcha reliably:

  • Make sure you are not logged in (i.e. editing anonymously).
  • On testwiki, open the article "Test5"
  • Attempt to add a description that contains a URL, such as