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EnWiki Recent Changes Page no longer displays damaging filters
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"I noticed that the damaging filter disappeared from the Recent Changes page on the English Wikipedia this morning (Eastern Time). Only the user intent prediction remains. Is there a rationale or announcement behind this change? Thanks!"

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I don't see the damaging filter in, really strange. I quickly checked in SAL and gerrit but I don't see a clear culprit, but this is definitely not my area of expertise. I added the ORES extension tag so other people will be able to chime in :)

I am totally ignorant about how the extension works, but I'll try to come up with some links. The first one is:

The mediawiki config states that the ores damaging filters for enwiki should be active.'s interface section also suggests that the filters should be enabled for enwiki.

So from the config:

		'damaging' => [
			'likelygood' => [ 'min' => 0, 'max' => 'maximum recall @ precision >= 0.99' ],
			'maybebad' => [ 'min' => 'maximum recall @ precision >= 0.15', 'max' => 1 ],
			'likelybad' => [ 'min' => 'maximum recall @ precision >= 0.45', 'max' => 1 ],
			// verylikelybad uses default

From We can see the translations for enwiki:

	"ores-damaging-maybebad": "May have problems (flags most problem edits but includes many false positives)",
	"ores-damaging-likelybad": "Likely have problems (medium probability)",
	"ores-damaging-verylikelybad": "Very likely have problems (flags few false positives but finds a smaller % of problem edits)",

And this is from enwiki now:

Screenshot from 2023-03-07 17-17-42.png (960×653 px, 124 KB)

It seems working, maybe it was a temporary issue/hiccup? @isarantopoulos does it make sense?

After investigating some past RecentChanges filter tasks (T144451, T149734, T149853), it appears that the damaging filter is actually the "Contribution Quality predictions" group filters. They include the filters: "Very likely good", "May have problems", "Likely have problems", and "Very likely have problems". These filters are still visible on

rc-filters.png (1×1 px, 207 KB)

Did it get renamed or something? I swear it used to be called "Damaging predictions" group filter

Not 100% sure if I'm looking at the correct place but from what I see in the ORES extension this has been the name for the damaging filter (Contribution Quality predictions)