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"Users by language" shouldn't be shown if the system is setup not to use categories
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It doesn't link if "babel-footer" is empty. I made it more strict in r102912 by requiring that it links to a page (i.e. that "babel-footer-url" is not empty).

I suppose you mean if $wgBabelMainCategory and/or $wgBabelCategoryNames is not configured? I see the logic, but I'm not sure it is 100% needed.

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It doesn't link if "babel-footer" is empty.

That might be a "bug" due to how WMF does it localisation messages. because it doesn't exist at mw wiki[1] but the message is linked in my sandbox[2]. But lets see how the new code works when it gets rolled out.


It doesn't link if "babel-footer" is *empty*. That message does not exist locally on mw-wiki, but it is taken from the i18n files, so it is not empty. If you created that page on mw-wiki, and emptied it, the link would no longer appear.

I can confirm that settings the message content to - hides the link. It is a bit weird that it links by default to a category that needs to be populated manually.

Also one can't actually make a blank page normally, So that would confuse users unless they knew to create the page with something then blank it. Also most people would think to change it to "-" (Like I had to on MW Wiki for it to take effect).

Defiantly recommend removing it from the default messages.

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