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SMW 1.6.2 #ask 'format' parameter is case-sensitive now!
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Another, rather serious bug introduced in SMW 1.6.2:
{{#show: [[Name::+]]

format = List

This will print in table format because the format parameter seems to be case-sensitive now.
{{#show: [[Name::+]]

Format = list

works fine. Some other parameter values I tested still were case-insensitive.
This broke quite some templates in my Wiki. Also there are many format examples out there, where the format name is given in uppercase!

Perhaps the Validator extension should get some optional case-insensitive setting for validating string parameters.

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When are you seeing this? I cannot reproduce this, and the code looks valid. Can you link to where you are seeing such behavior?

This is 1.6.2 right? Not some random alpha version?

Yes, I am positive. I just reset one of my local wikis to the original 1.6.2 release to make sure.
Sorry, can't give you a link since I only have local wikis running on 1.6.2 till everything works fine.

In the SMWW sandbox wiki it works, BUT apparently there is still the 1.6.2 alpha running, not the final release.

Well, it's fixed on trunk. I actually pulled 1.6.2 as ask was broken due to an issue in the format defaulting and recommend not using it for now. I'll try release a soonish to address that. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for reporting this :)

This bug seems to be back in 1.7 and current trunk!

How did this get back into 1.7? Would be even worth a fast 1.7.1 release since it is potentially breaking wikis again.

Thanks for fixing this. I don't think it's that critical to force a quick release though - the fact that no one complained about this while it has been on trunk for months (and many people run trunk or tried the beta/rc) suggests that very few people actually do not use non-lower cased names.